What We Do

VETERINARY SERVICES:  Veterinary Casuality, Preventive Care / Treatments / Surgeries / Councelling 

Allied Services: Pet Shopp / Kennel / Boarding / In - Patient / Mobile facility

Grooming: Whether it is for regular bath or anti tick bath to trimming of nails and coat care for a healthy life we have professional grooming facilities to keep your pet more healthy and friendly.

We are careful to make sure animals in our care are as medically healthy as possible as well as spay and neutered. The great cost of these medical precautions is viewed as a necessity not able to be cut. We recommend neutering the dog is nothing but preventing the future complications.

Adoption Services

Our main goal is to find a loving home for each and every animal that we take into our facility. We offer the most streamlined, while remaining thorough and cautious, adoption process for rescued animals around. Click one of our quick adopt pets for more information, contact us, or stop by from 8am - 8pm Monday - Friday.

Create Public Awareness

Public awareness is the labor of love with which we tirelessly pursue. We want anyone, and everyone, who is a capable potential pet owner to be aware of the animals we have and the great need for homes for these innocent neglected creatures.